Mike Coombs Guitar and Banjo TuitionThe inner nature of mankind is the province of music.

My Philosophy
In all my teaching I endeavour to take a student-centred approach. Each student will have different needs. Some want to become superstars, some just enjoy playing at home. Whatever the reason for taking up the instrument I will take the student from wherever he or she is and improve their skills to the limits of their ability. Some of my former students are currently working professionally as musicians, teachers or are in some way connected to the music industry.

Special Needs
Due to the restrictions of my accommodation I am unable to offer wheelchair access at the moment, I do, however, teach both ablebodied and disabled people in their own homes on request (subject to availability of suitable times).
I currently have a student with Parkinson's Disease who has made great progress using open tuning. I feel very humbled by the amount of effort that he has to put in to playing and I feel greatly privileged to be teaching him. Another of my students is deaf, and I have recently started working with a banjo student who has only three digits on his left hand. He is determined to succeed though he is under no illusions. Therefore he will.

The video below is another of my compositions. Tab is available. Please email me if you would like a copy.

When I performed this tune for the first time in public (at The Acoustic Club in The Half Moon in Bishop's Stortford (that's in the UK in case you're not from these parts!) I asked the audience to suggest a title for it. One couple came up with "Bright Idea". After thinking about it for about 9 months it's current and final title just popped into my my mind overnight. It's in Gsus4 tuning (DGDGCD).

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I recommend ‘The Music Room’ to my students to purchase tuition book and sheet music
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