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Here are links to some useful web sites.

Useful, Reliable Music Shops

East Coast Music, Kings Lynn
A music shop that provides good quality, reasonably priced instruments and accessories to take you from beginner level upwards. They have been extremely helpful to me and my Norfolk-based students in the past and I am happy to recommend them. They also offer teaching in guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.
I have bought several items from Eagle Music online and have found them an excellent firm to do business with.
Originally grown from a small shop called in Hertford, called Hertford Music, Giggear offers excellent value for money on the Internet as well as at their large premises in Harlow, Essex, where they also offer teaching in guitar, bass, and drums.
Banjos Direct
This is a very new business, but, if they continue to provide the level of service and care that I've experienced on a recent visit to their warehouse in Norwich, will
be here to stay. They stock a wide range of high quality instruments and accessories, as well as beginners' instruments. Simon Middleton, the owner, is charming and extremely helpful. There's no "hard sell" as found in some music emporia! It was through his patience and guidance from a knowledge of his stock that I decided on a Shadow banjo pick-up with a Gold Tone pre-amp as I have recently started playing with local folkrock barn dance band Compass Moon, of which more below...
Compass Moon
This is the website of one of the two bands I am currently playing in. Compass Moon plays folk dance instrumental music. There are four of us in the band. I play bass guitar, synth/electric guitar (Roland GR 55), 5-string banjo and acoustic guitar. Please visit the site to learn more or book us for your wedding/ anniversary/ birthday/ or any sort of celebration you can think of!
Clifford essex Music
I own and play a Clifford Essex Gambler 5-string banjo. It is one of the loveliest sounding banjos I have ever played. And it looks beautiful! You should definitely have a look at this site! The company is now run by Clem Vickery, ex Black and White Minstrels, and first rate plectrum banjo player. It is also the home of BMG magazine - it stands for Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar - probably the oldest fretted instrument magazine in the world, to which I occasionally contribute.
Music Shop in Bishops Stortford and Ware. A shop where you will get good service and advice as well as a range of instruments and sheet music. They also run instrumental lessons and work in conjunction with the local College to provide Diploma courses.
Professional Music Technology
NorwichA large shop with a wide ranging stock of all types, but as the name suggests, suppliers of, and conversant with, synths and recording equipment. All the staff I've come across have been experienced, knowledgeable, patient and helpful in my experience

Useful Organisations
Musicians Union
If you're a working musician you'd be a fool not to belong! There are many benefits to being a member.
If you want to be able to prove you're a good musician you should try taking some Rockschool exams. Accredited by Trinity College of Music, at Grade 6 and above these exams count as UCAS points to help you to get the University place you want.

Guitar Pro 6: RSE Realistic Sound Engine: realistic audio playback
Guitar Pro 6 tab and notation writing software for guitarists
I've been using Guitar Pro software for many years now and I really think it's software that no guitarist can do without. I use it for producing tab for my students and notating my own compositions, but in my own personal practice I find it invaluable to use the Speed Trainer to learn difficult passages. You can write a score for a whole band quite easily with Guitar Pro 6 and produce good quality parts.
Recently a cut down version of GP6 has become available for iPad and iPhone. While the iPhone app is useful for jotting down ideas when you've not got a computer handy, the iPad app allows me to carry a vast number of tabs around with me and access them quickly. Very useful for teaching purposes.

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